Welcome to our 4 Weeks 2 Fit(ter) information page

New course starts on 30th April at 7am!


Help transform your body in just 4 weeks!

It’s Ladies ONLY!

Cheltenham’s Only Boutique Personal Training Facility

ReSET Gym & Fitness

7am slots every Monday & Wednesday

Why train with 4 Weeks 2 Fit(ter)?

TRAINING – You will be trained as part of a small exclusive group of like minded individuals.  We truly want you on board so we can help you make the transformation you’re after.

SESSIONS – You will get 2 fully structured sessions a week.  Each session is 45 minutes long and you will be given home workouts to do as well to help you get the best possible results from the course.

EATING – We will provide you with a fat busting food guide for the full 4 weeks which will give you amazing guidance as to what to eat for every meal and snack over the full period of your training.

RECIPE BOOK – You will be given our healthy eating recipe book for FREE (worth £27) as an aid to get you eating healthily for now and more importantly for the long term.

LOCATION – We are right in the town centre near the Town Hall in Cheltenham and have plenty of on site parking.

When does the next course start?

Our next course starts on Monday 30th April 2018

 Send us a message via our contact section below and we’ll book you a space.

Still not sure?  Read on…….

So…….what’s in it for YOU?

We have been running gyms and exercise classes for over 20 years and it is our experience and knowledge together with your commitment that WILL help you HIT YOUR TARGETS.

Bringing your training indoors  means we can offer you a huge variety of exercises.  After all, no one person is the same and therefore why should you train like any one else?

Make use of our SUSPENSION TRAINING & KETTLE BELLS as well as introducing you to the JACOBS LADDER & POWER BAGS.

ONLY £64 for the whole course!

Contact us to reserve your spot or go to our direct booking page HERE.



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